About the Blog

About the Blog

Welcome to Vent Sessions

We created O2 Industries for anyone that breathes and for everyone that breathes. At O2, we believe that clean air is something we all deserve, and our job is to help with that. Since 2014, we have been on a mission to change the way people think about breathing. We are persistent in our mission to ensure more people are aware of how harmful these little, invisible air particles can be on our body and to our health.

So, this is where we’ll meet up to vent (in a good way) about masks and respirators, air pollution and climate change, and all things clean air. It is a space that allows us to educate and bring understanding to topics and conversations that you may or may not know much about.

Wearing a mask is more important now than ever before. But, what we often fail to realize is that there are folks out there that have been dealing with poor air quality around the globe for decades – you could be one of these people without even knowing it. Recently, this problem has become more prevalent, but it’s been a challenge many have faced for a long time.

So join us breathers, we’ve got a lot to cover!